Who We Are

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Raising the Floor is an organization focused on working to ensure that people who face barriers due to disability, literacy, digital-literacy, and aging are able to fully understand, access, and use the digital world we are creating (the web, computers, tablets, phones, educational materials, ticket machines, thermostats, and even home appliances).

We are facilitators. We create tools and infrastructures to enable others.

Toward that end we are working to build a set of resources and capabilities to help people find solutions for themselves if they exist and have the solutions they need show up instantly on most technologies they encounter. And for those for whom solutions do not yet exist, facilitate the development and marketing of new, improved, and more affordable solutions.

Visit GPII.net for more information on the global infrastructure work

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Our Community

The community working with Raising the Floor has grown to over 300 individuals and over 50 companies, universities and organizations. It includes people and organizations of all points of view and interests: consumers, developers, researchers, practitioners, policy people, vendors, and manufacturers of mainstream and assistive technology. They hail from all parts of the world including every continent except Antarctica.

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2 Divisions

There are two Raising the Floor divisions that work together to extend the reach and impact of our digital inclusion mission: