Raising the Floor - International

Raising the Floor - International is a non-for-profit international association, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Raising the Floor - International was founded in 2010. It oversees the operation of two key infrastructure elements,

It also coordinates the Raising the Floor websites and manages the Data Ethics Council that oversees the Privacy Policies and Practices of all of the Raising the Floor activities and coordinates all of the international aspects of Raising the Floor including the following projects from the European Commission. 


  • Picture of Gregg Vanderheiden

    Gregg Vanderheiden

    President and Co-Director

  • Picture of Jutta Treviranus

    Jutta Treviranus

    Secretary and Co-Director

  • Picture of Patrick Roe

    Patrick Roe


  • Picture of Eva de Lera

    Eva de Lera

    Executive Director and European Program Manager